Kick It with Josh!


Josh Ahadian is a man who isn’t afraid to take on new fitness challenges. His passion for bringing the best out of people shines when expressing his quirkiness on the gym floor stating, “Fitness is fun!”. Josh has explored many forms of health and fitness over the past decade, incorporating his learnings whenever he’s inside or out of the gym. 

Graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in Marketing, Josh always found a way to explore fitness and health throughout his college experience. Upon graduating, he got certified to teach the HIIT based workout, INSANITY, and began instructing at multiple local gyms. Now located in the Boston area, having the opportunity to Kick It with Eliza is the next great step in his fitness journey. Josh currently works at The Boston Globe as a Digital Campaign Manager, building strong relationships with companies looking for exposure through and When not in the office, he enjoys exploring the city with friends and participating in a wide range of community events. Now as a certified instructor, Josh plans to build and add to the Kick It Crew, showing that both women AND men can KICK IT!