Preview the current Kick It instructors, where they are teaching, and their Instagram handles to follow their journey


Erin Bozarth 

Kick It with Erin: All over the world with Remote Year!

Follow her: @erineboz

Lily Timlin

Kick It with Lily: Find her at events!

Follow her: @_yinyangyoga


Jeanette LaPlant

Kick It with Jeanette: Find her at events!

Follow her:  jeannette_laplant


Lisa Cardone

Kick It with Lisa: find her at events! 

Follow her: @lisa.cardone


Hannah Winn


Kick It with Hannah: DanceFit Studio, Natick, MA

Follow her: @hanelizwinn

Emily Crocker

Kick It with Emily: Pop Up Kick It Studio at VIA

Follow her: @emilyrcrocker


Emily McLaughlin 

Kick It with Emily: Wayfair, PO Fitness, Boston, MA

Follow her: @emilyatshsh


Kristen Fogarty


Kick It with Kristen:  RMA fitness in Wilmington, MA and The Simply Fit Studio in Danvers, MA

Follow her: @KristenFogarty

Melissa Perez

Kick It with Melissa: Park Lane Seaport, Boston, MA

Follow her: @perezbutnothilton

Julia Kacmarek

Kick It with Julia: find her at events! 

Follow her: @juliakacmarek

Adelle Girvan

Kick It with Adelle: The Street at Chestnut Hill, Boston, MA

Follow her: @fitandfreeadelleg 

Sam Aho

Kick It with Sam: find her at events! 

Follow her: @sam_inthecity

Amanda Chamberlin

Kick It with Amanda: Beacon Hill Athletic Club (Cleveland Circle) and Somerville Public Schools 

Follow her: @achamberlin11

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Janessa Barrett

Kick It with Janessa: Healthy Living Downtown, North Attleboro, MA

Follow her: @janessabarrett

Jessica Casper

Kick It with Jessica: find her at events! 

Follow her: @jcasper09


Amanda Brabec

Kick It with Amanda: Ever Fitness, Somerville, MA 

Follow her: @amandabrabec

Jillian Gundersheim 

Kick It with Jillian: Wayfair, Boston, MA

Follow her: @jilliansgunder

Laura Wong

Kick It with Laura: find her at events! 

Follow her: @laurawong_

Abigail Collen

Kick It with Abigail: find her at events! 

Follow her: @abasnail1

Marissa Best 

Kick It with Marissa: UMass Amherst Campus Recreation, Amherst, MA 

Follow her: @livingmybestlife_

Abby Tremblay

Kick It with Abby: Barre Chic, Salem, NH

Follow her: @trembigailxo

Alicia Tremblay

Kick It with Alicia: Schumann Fitness Center, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA 

Follow her: @sweatshakesmile

Jennifer Clark

Kick It with Jennifer: Network Drive, Burlington, MA 

Follow her: @jen_clarky

Ashton Lyddy

Kick It with Ashton: Find her at events! 

Follow her: coachlyddyfitness

Sara Quatrale 

Kick It with Sara: Find her at events! 

Follow her: @@squat_down