The first time Olivia took a Kick It class, she was immediately drawn in by the high-energy music and Eliza’s firecracker personality. At first, Olivia was intimidated by the then-daunting task of having to partner up with a stranger mid-way through the class. Soon realizing that it was during this partner work when Olivia felt the most motivated and empowered she had ever felt during a group fitness class, Olivia came to look forward to the encouraging smiles and enthusiastic “WOOT WOOT’s” that Kick It’s inclusive atmosphere created.

When Olivia is not high off of the positive Kick It vibes, you could probably find her going on a run or exploring Boston with her friends. Olivia is from a small town called Chatham, New Jersey, but is currently attending school at Boston College. As a nursing student and group fitness instructor at BC, Olivia is excited to dedicate her life to promoting health and wellness. She is beyond excited to bring Kick It to the BC community, and hopes that her participants leave her class feeling confident, empowered, and healthy.